Layout/Displays and PowerPoint Issues

We’re testing out Xibo (1.7.3), which we hope would replace our turnkey solution. I have the server installed locally on my mac and use a windows vm, as well as another windows box hooked up to a display, to run the player software on it.

I’m having 2 issues.

Issue #1: The 2 displays, don’t always show the content I’m pushing/scheduling. There area a bunch of inconsistencies. I created a layout with just text and shceduled it on the displays, and it was stuck on default layout with errors in the log. Instead of creating a brand-new layout, I decided to copy the original and pushed that out, it seemed to only work with my windows vm. I then changed display player settings, as outlined here: How to substitute a layout being display for another?, and it seemed to work intermittently - my physical windows box played the content for a while and reverted back to the default layout, even though the content is scheduled to still be playing and is playing on my windows vm. My display status shows check marks. The actual log on the player doesn’t have any errors and i see that it downloaded the assets for the correct layout, but it’s still stuck on the default layout, and the layout time is wrong. But the vm, which shows the correct layout, displays the correct time. Here are the screenshots:

Bad Display:

Good Display:

Issue #2: I’ve included a powerpoint to be displayed in my layout. Instead of displaying the powerpoint it provides a link with a dialog to Open or Save As the file. Any clue how I could resolve that?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Your two displays are scheduled with different content? One layout 5, the other layout 8, which would suggest one layout is broken and the other is working, which is why you’re seeing differing output.

The PowerPoint issue is covered in the manual here:

And the FAQ here:

Thanks for a quick reply.

That’s the problem, it worked for a little bit and reverted back to default layout for no reason… I suspect it may have something to do with the incorrect time output, as seen in the screenshot. It should mimic the settings of my windows vm, because I schedule everything on the Test Display Group, which contains both displays. The only other thing I can think of is that the problem display is running on a Windows 8.1 OS with Bing - could that have anything to do with it? It’s been frustrating getting it going.

As far as powerpoint, is there no other way of getting it playing on the display without having to convert it to a video - this would be a deal breaker for us, we definitely need something capable of playing native powerpoint presentations.

You can indeed show native PowerPoint presentations. Our recommendation is not to, but it is possible. The links I gave you previously show the modifications you need to make to enable that.

Is the date/time wrong on one machine? They’re very definitely showing differing schedule information so I’d suggest that they’re not in the same display group or the schedule isn’t defined on the group as you think it is.

Part of the problem was that the time was set to PM instead of AM. I got powerpoints working also - thank you. One question about powerpoint - it doesn’t seem to be respecting slide timings, instead it just stays on the first slide vs auto playing. Anything I need to do to fix that?

You need to setup your presentation to play automatically when opened and to advance with the slide timings.