Layout - Can't seem to get anything to show over background

Hi all,

Running a Windows install of Xibo, no overlapping regions. I am trying to place a logo in a new region as an image. The only thing below it is the background, not an overlapping region or anything. Here it is in the design editor:

But when I go to preview it, I can’t see it:

Any idea?


What CMS and client versions are you using?
Is it the same on the client as in preview?

If the issue, persists, could you please export your layout, upload it to dropbox/similar and share the link with me? (here or via pm).

What CMS and client versions are you using? Is it the same on the client as in preview?

Version 1.7.5

It’s just a test layout, but I’ll PM you the link.

Thank you for your exported layout.

I had a quick look now, it seems to be fine in both preview and on the Windows client:

I did only one thing to your layout, it was invalid because it had an empty region (in bottom right corner). Other than that it’s fine.

Perhaps you could try to install IE11 and make a change in registry, browser emulation, as described here: Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player
and see if that will solve this issue.

Side note: it also made me hungry, but that’s ok :wink:

Odd, last time I deleted that region, it failed to load the Layout entirely (displayed “Play again?”) - this time it seemed to work. To clarify, I was using the preview feature in the browser rather than on the client player itself. I should have given another browser a try, I work in IT - maybe it’s the dirty, dirty stigma that IE gives off :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to waste your time - glad you were able to help me realize whatever error it was that I was committing!

ok cool, I am glad that it seems to be fine :smile:

You can do that IE+registry entry for browser emulation thing anyway, it could be helpful with some other items you may have on your layouts in the future.

Since it resolved now, I’ll close this topic.