Issues with mail

Hi, i’m having some issues with the mailingfunction on my xiboinstallation. I tried using gmail since it was preconfigured in the config.env and filled in my adress and password. Then i tried to do a test notification but i dont recieve any mail, is there a way to check where is issue is?

Using XIBO 1.8.1 on Docker with a windows 10 installation.

Could carefully go through the ‘CMS Maintenance and Email Alerts’ section of this post please and make sure that everything is set correctly? - Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

Hi, everything seems to be correctly configured in the cms but i sillt doesnt get any mails.

You may need to configure your GMail account for legacy authentication.

Thank You, that was the issue. Where do i change the layout for the mail? Now it says “xibo default theme”

The mail content isn’t configurable without making code changes. The theme name comes from the theme you have applied to the CMS.

Okey, is there a way to change the theme? I read the guide at but i have none of those files.

You have to create the theme following those instructions. The files aren’t there as you need to create them.

For a Docker install, your completed theme goes in shared/cms/web/theme/custom/themename where themename is the name of the theme you are creating.