Installing to "shared hosting" - a success story

I know that Alex keeps on suggesting not to try shared hosting, but rather use Docker, but I could not.

My first problem was the part about making the “web” folder of the distribution the root folder of the web site and keeping the other folders “out of sight”.

My host (“web hotel”) could neither rename the “public_html” folder, nor change “document root” or adding a symbolic link, so I used Notepad++ to do a search/replace in all php files from “/web/” to “/public_html/” before uploading the CMS files.

I uploaded all folders but “web” so they ended up on the same level as or beside “public_html”. Then I uploaded the contents of “web” to “public_html”.

Then I spent way too much time figuring out why I could not upload media, but that is another story. (After adding a screen the problem went away.) Edit: But now that problem is back!!!

Hello, i have question do you need shared hosting at all ?

There is so much cheap vps servers that you can have your own server, i have my owns so if you are intrested you can PM me

Thank you, onebeat,
But having just one live screen and one test screen it seems cheaper to just use “Xibo Cloud” which is also much easier, but it really bugs me that

  • I couldn’t make the “media” screen of the CMS work
  • That no one seems to have posted a solution to what seems like a fairly common error.

do you still need help??..i once installed 1.8.5 on my personal server for testing but didnt use since i am married to 1.7.10…i can re-install the 1.8.11 and answer all your questions…it a little tricky bu easy to install with docker

Just short. I don’t have the “web” folder visible in the url - it is the root of the web - and the other folders are beside it - hidden from the web page. And everything is working but the media page. I have changed library folder as suggested in one thread and the cms is able to create sub folders in it, but won’t show its content.

Please don’t do this. It’s a terrible idea. If you do, we absolutely cannot offer you any support going forward, commercial or otherwise. Shared hosting is categorically NOT suitable. You only have to look at the number of people we speak to who have tried it, and had their accounts disabled or deleted by their webhost for consuming excessive resources, and have lost everything as a result. What we suggest will give you a reliable and supportable solution. If you want to go your own way then by all means, you’re very welcome to, but we can’t then give you any help…