Install Xibo On Redhat 7 virtual machine

Hello, I want to install Xibo 1.8.1 on a VM REDHAT 7. I did not have the installation window in the browser. I only have different directory.
how i do to start installation?

My documentRoot is "/var/www/html’

You go to the manual and follow the installation instructions for Docker and the CMS in turn

Try this. I installed Xibo 1.8 on a Centos 7 VM.


Almond Wong

Hello I followed the procedure but when I run the setup of xibo in the browser I do not have the window Welcomethe the xibo installation but I have the contents of the web folder. It seems to me that I do something wrong. I’m not what it is.

It looks like index.php not executed. Is PHP installed and test O.K. ? Try a page with phpinfo().