In display is out dated but not yet checked


I am using xibo 1.7 cms and android player .

if u check the player it is showing a “!” messages and saying “display is outdated but not yet checked”

what it means

What version exactly are you using?
1.7.7 (CMS) and 1.7 R60(Android)?

[!] = Player wasn’t logged in since the content change.

So when it does log in and will be able to reach your CMS, it will need to download new/updated content/schedule and then it will change its status to checkmark.

If it is logged in and [!] status persists, could you please show us a screenshot of status window on your client?


I am using CMS 1.7.6

so it seems that your device is not currently logged in to the CMS.

Could you please show us a screenshot of status window on it? Getting the Player Status

it should explain why it has some problems.

Hi some time it shows li

after some times

that seems like a connection issue, your device can’t reach your CMS (at least from time to time) and it is causing problems.

You might want to adjust the collection interval setting (display settings -> edit display profile) perhaps more frequent connection attempts will help here - although if there is some kind of issue with your network in general, then that would be the first thing to look at.

Solved thanks.It was some network issue .

Also do u have any recomentation for HDMI to rtsp streamer for live