Iis error 403.14

HI All, i have tried to installed Xibo using this guide ( https://xibo.org.uk/manual-tuttle/en/install_environment_windows_iis.html ) on a windows server 2012 R2 using iis 8.5 (VM Server), but when browsing to http://localhost/Xibo i get “HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden”.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

What version have you tried to install please? The community guide for 1.8 series on iis is here XIBO step by step Installation IIS 8.5 on WINDOWS SERVER 2012

It looks like there is some permission issues on your installation (perhaps iis file permissions), unfortunately I’m not familiar with iis to tell you where exactly there could be a problem.

Thanks for the reply! It is “release 1.8.9”. I will try that guide!