How to switch between default layout and scheduled Event


Is possible to switch between the default layout and a scheduled event layout. I’m a few confusing in the understanding of the scheduled event layout configuration. I put “per minutes” in repeat and I put 8 int he case of “Repeat every”, thinking that the scheduled event layout should comes up every 8 minuts.
I’m wrong as scheduled event layout still show on and the default layout doesn’t come up any more.

How to do for switch between the booth layout?


Per minutes repeat events are most likely a bad idea.

Basically if you want to cycle between layouts, you should create a campaign and schedule it to display all the time.

In your case, ie cycle between one scheduled layout and the default layout
You will want to:

  • For starters get rid of your current scheduled events
  • Navigate to Displays page and enable ‘Interleave Default’:
  • Schedule an event and add your layout (the non-default one) without repeat and with end date some far into the future
  • Done

You can control how often layouts are changed by adjusting the durations on your layouts.

Thank Peter,

I didn’t find this information anywhere
Anyway, that’s work thanks for your support