How set commands to switching Apps on Xibo for Android?

I’m trying switching Apps on Xibo for Android. I found this article (Switching Apps on Xibo for Android), but I’m not able to set:


Anyone can show me a example? Like how to open Uber?

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When you set that, what happens is Xibo for Android broadcasts an intent which another app needs to be listening for and then responds to. It cannot be used to open another generic app.

So for example for Uber to open, the Uber app would need to be listening for a pre-agreed intent which caused it to open in the foreground, and Xibo for Android would send that intent when appropriate.

Thanks for reply, @natasha!

@natasha, even so, could you give me an example of what the command would look like in the necessary format?


It depends what the other app is listening for. If you had an app that was listening for it, then something like ACTION_DO_SOMETHING would broadcast an intent “ACTION_DO_SOMETHING” to whatever was listening for that intent. The Extrakey/ExtraMessage are effectively parameters for that based upon what the app listening is expecting to receive.

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