How do i use xibo?

Hello community, i have just taken over IT at a location and they use Xibo, i have never seen this before. I have messsed around it but with absolutely no success. All i need to do is send a load of photos out to one of the displays and they just rotate. Any simple help would be great.

Hi welcome to the community!

Can I ask which version you are using so I can help you?

In the meantime do take a look at our User Manual (which you can select as per your version) as well as some Training videos you can access from here: New User Training | Xibo Signage Training

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Hi Natasha, thanks so much for your reply:

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Xibo Digital Signage - Version 3.3.9
Copyright © 2006-2023 Xibo Signage Ltd and the Xibo Developers.

If Xibo offer quick training courses would love to see one of these. Have followed youtube and the manual but just not getting it.

If you want to show your images full screen:
Add a new Layout with a full screen region.
Add/upload image files to this region.
Use the timeline, shown under the canvas to drag and drop the images into the specified order.
Once done click the top menu to Publish.

Take a look at this guide here which goes through the steps on how to create a simple layout (without rotating content) but it will hopefully make the process clearer.
This guide on media durations may also be a helpful read.

You then need to schedule the Layout to your displays by adding an event.

We do have some online training courses which cover content creation and scheduling here which you can go through at your own pace.

Do let me know how you get on and I hope that this is some help to get you started :slight_smile:

Hi Natasha, thanks for trying to help me but i just dont get it.
Followed the guide but cant upload the pictures i want to upload.
Just need to give up on it i think.

Let me try and help you :slight_smile:

So when you say you can’t upload the pictures, where are you uploading them from?
You can go to Media under Library and Add media from here:

Are you seeing any error messages on trying to upload? If so capture in a screenshot if you can.

It is also worth going to the Modules page under Administration and click the Verify All button (and then clear your cache).
Also in the Modules page find the Image module and use the row menu to select Edit, Have a look at the valid extensions to ensure your file type you are attempting to upload is listed.

Please do give me a step by step account of what you are doing and share any errors you are receiving within that process so I can try and get you up and running :slight_smile: