Having problems with xibo player in windows!

Im new using xibo, I have it configured with ubuntu 14.04, from the web navegator like chrome, mozilla and ie works good, I can get into the c panel and do all the things. The problem start when I tryed to run xibo player in another pc with windows, the program start but after a few seconds when is suppost to show the layout nothing happend just stay in black and nothing else, I have approve the licence for the client and put the default layout.

Can anyone help me

Do you have CMS 1.7.7?
In which case you’ll also need fully qualified path to the CMS library in the CMS settings

Please see ‘Library location’ section here Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

Other than that, you can show us a screenshot of status screen on your device.

first picture is with windows 7 player, nothing happend just appear the text “xibo display” and after that nothing

second picture is in the same pc with windows 7 from chrome as you can see it works.

pss: I have done what you told me and keep doing nothing

So the second picture is CMS preview.

As Xibo for Windows, could you please press ‘i’ on your keyboard to show status window and then send us a screenshot of it?

That seems like a permissions issue on your web server.

Could you perhaps enable debugging on the Report fault page, recreate the problem and see if there is anything else in troubleshoot.txt file? (this file will be created and downloaded when you click Collect Data on Report fault page)

If you intend to upload that file here, please be mindful that it will have some sensitive information about your server etc. so you might want to edit that out.