German (or other) translation

Hi guys,
I mentioned it in some other postings: the german Translation is poor, some Topics are not translated, some translationis are quite the opposite of the meaning, some english words are forced to be translated to german words and so on…

therefore I tried to help. I downloaded the german Translation and had a look at .The Translation is based line by line in all These .php-files. the result is a german xibo that is not german, only the text in the .php-files is german.
When translating e.g. xxxyyy.php:line 465 I do not know, where this line is used and what context it has within some Dialog or menue.

I would like to work on a context-based Translation but I do not know how to do,

for Example: there is 1 Translation that Needs Review:
If there are any exceptions enter them below by selecting the Day from the list and entering a start/end time.
Soll es Ausnahmen für einzelne Wochentag geben legen sie diese bitte fest, indem sie den/die entsprechenden Tag(e) auwählen und eine Start- und Endzeit zum jeweiligen Tag eintragen.

This Suggestion is a word by word Translation, is too Long and noone can understand the meaning. If I cannot see where this line is used in xibo I cannot translate it within the context.

As I said here German translation

The launchapd is the place to do the translations (either online or by downloading the .mo files), although I can see that in some cases the context might not be quite clear.

The referenced php files etc could help you identify where the line is used, as the name of the file should point you to right direction, but again I know it might not always be clear if you’re not overly familiar with Xibo.

The line that you’ve mentioned is in Dayparting page -> Add/Edit daypart -> Exceptions tab

I’m afraid I don’t think launchpad can be more user friendly.

yes, a look into the .php-files is working so far. I downloaded the .po-File and edit it with poedit.exe, than create a .mo file an test it in my 1.8.2 xibo testsystem.
learn a lot about xibo with this method.

I hope, i can upload my work in any way for using by the community.

some times there is some english Phrase which is used at different Points in CMS with different meanings in german. that is difficult to translate. is there any method to double such phrases or words and make different Translation?

Sorry but there is not - we would need to identify each string and change the English language string in the code for a more appropriate word.

Can you give an example?

I will do so next time I see such an item…

What are These lines /tmp/Cache/594bd779631a9…php:? Where can I see the context of this Phrase?

In “schedule” there is a drop-down field to choose some Display. this field has a Default text “Nothing selected”. In german Xibo this field looks “Bitte wählen…”. I would like to Change this but the Phrase is not within the .po-file. Is there another file with translations I do not have to work?

If the phrase is already translated, but can’t be found in the translations in our POT file, then unfortunately they cannot be changed.

They are translations in 3rd party libraries we use - in this case see L8

To change that you would need to contact the owners of that project.

the Translation I mentioned, can be found in Defaults-de_DE.js of bootstrap-select.

The usage in the schedule-window of XIBO Shows “Nothing selected”. this may be a common text but at this Point users should select some Displays to put Events in, therefore the text should be “Select Display” and in german “Bildschirm auswählen” instead of “Bitte wählen…”.

I do not know at the Moment, if this drop down field is used within any other Funktion of xibo. If not, we could modify the Default-en_US.js and the Default-de_DE.js or Project some posibility to translate this items in the future

I can see what you mean about it being more appropriate to show “Select Display” rather than nothing selected. This can be customised from the Xibo side.

I’ve created a bug to track your request:

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The word “tags” is translated with “Suchbegriff” within the .po-file.
The Translation is NOT used by the “Templates” Dialog, although it is used e.g. by the “layouts” Dialog.

The word “Enabled” is translated with “Aktiviert” within the .po-file.
The Translation is NOT used by the “Resolutions” Dialog.

What are These lines /tmp/Cache/594bd779631a9…php:? Where can I see the context of the Phrase?

nobody there ???

ok, here is another question:
what happens with my .mo file on upload in launchpad?

Those .php files in /tmp/Cache/ should be translated as well.

Should we translate strings from /tmp/cache/ files

If you upload your file with translation it will be added to the project and should be included in the next CMS release.