Should we translate strings from /tmp/cache/ files


I’ve seen that a lot of new strings are available to be translated on launchpad. I have already started to translate some of them, but now I found many of them to be in locations like
Located in /tmp/cache/562793ba6d62608086ce7f44f6e4c7361040b7970a101b97737f473111f4364bfc8db4564d52398.php:140

Should we translate these strings already? Or should we wait until these strings appear in normal program files?


@Dan will be able to confirm but as far as I’m aware it’s to do with the way the new 1.8 CMS works.

Basically all the pages of the CMS are saved as templates and are then compiled to php files on the fly by Twig.

Hold fire for now but I suspect that translating them is the right thing to do.

Yes, those files should be translated.

Basically POEdit parses the twig files and generates a temporary cache of the file including translatable strings

OK. Thanks for that information.