Fully qualified address of your CMS installation

i dont understand about that. where i can do to find fully qualified address of your CMS installation. plz explain for me.
and about Proxy setting it must have?
Thanks in advance

Fully qualified means that the path starts at the highest level of the server’s directory system

In CMS address case, it pretty much means the URL you use to access it in the browser

If it’s about library location, please see relevant section in this post Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

could you explain “CMS Address This is the fully qualified address of your CMS installation.” detail if possible
for ex: cms library C:\home\xibo\library\ it mean full qualified address of cms installation.

If CMS library is there, then yes that is the fully qualified path, as it starts from the highest level (in your case C:\) and goes through each folder to finally point to the library folder location.