Forecast IO showing weather one day in the past

I’m using the hosted Spring Signage platform and created a weather forecast page using the Forecast IO. The problem I have is that in the 5 days forecast yesterdays forecast is shown as today in the big circle, so the forecast is one day off (so today is Monday (Maandag in Dutch), but the big circle still shows Sunday (Zondag in Dutch), it has been like this since Saturday). I saw this was reported before by someone, but couldn’t figure out from the post how it got solved.

  • I applied the post installation guide, posted in this forum. Timestamps shown in Xibo now have the international format as used in NL.
  • Fixed the language to show the forecast in Dutch, works ok
  • I checked the forecast and the unix time shows todays date/time correctly

    But whatever I try, the forecast is still showing one day off, both in the preview layout as well as on the Client.

I also created a file following the “Turn on Debugging” steps, but not sure how to upload that one as the upload only seems to accept pictures and had to remove some screenshots as it turned out I could only include one to start with.

Anyway, hope you can see what might be the problem, incase additional information is needed, please let me know.

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Can you check that the Player and the CMS are setup for the same timezone please?

It may also be worth checking the durations on your layout - see: Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout

The CMS is setup for Amsterdam, see screenshot:

I the Player / Android Client I don’t see an option to change the timezone. The player itself is also set to Amsterdam timezone GMT+1. The klok of the player shows the correct time.
The strange thing though is that the time shown on my page is one hour in the past.
I tried updating the timezone on the player to a different timezone, but the time on the page doesn’t change.

The preview Layout on the CMS shows the correct time.

Hello Dan,
I had indeed also seen this post and checked the durations/ kept them short on purpose. For testing purpose I now just made a layout with one region on there, which contains the forecast IO and set the duration to 20 seconds. Also in this case the Forecast IO is one day off in the past.

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You say you’re on the Spring Signage platform. If you could log a case with the Support team we can have a look at your CMS and see if we can work out why it’s not working. If it’s doing it in the Preview it should be easy enough to understand why.

Hello Alex,
I’ve opened a support request on the Spring Signage page as suggested. While looking at the information on the page I see my Cloud Instance is setup for London, UK. When I requested the instance I actually only had 3 options to chose from. Maybe this is causing the problem?

Thanks. The service desk is closed for the day now but we’ll have a look tomorrow. The region is just the data center in which your instance is hosted. It has no bearing on the timezone you then configure within the CMS itself