shows weather from one day in the past

I saw this thread, but was not sure if there was a resolution, or if it was filed as a bug: Forecast IO showing weather one day in the past - #7 by Koen

I’m experiencing the same thing on a number of displays that are at a different location/timezone from the CMS. Timezone, time, location, etc. are all set properly.

So the questions are:

  1. Are you using international date format? (there was indeed a bug with it)
  2. Are you using 1.7.6 CMS/player? (fixed in 1.7.6 CMS version)


i still not understand whats wrong here.

  • On Win Player i have wrong weather
  • on Preview i get correct weather

Look at attached Screenshots

On Preview

On Client

Edit: As you see there are also the wrong day on the player (Dienstag) today is Friday. Date and Time on Client is Correct

The same questions apply.

If you do use international date format - it should be fine on 1.7.6
You can also try it with default date format ie:
Y-m-d H:i
and ‘show international dates’ unchecked


ok - i see - it´s 1.7.5 - so i need 1.7.6 - this is my first Update of CMS - is there a Update Manual `?

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Yes, upgrading steps are here:

Hi Peter

thanks a Lot - not it seem that everthing works fine !

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This is still happening to me, and I apologize for posting and not being available to comment :). Anyway, I’m running the latest Windows client (1.7.6), and the latest CMS (1.7.6). I’m also not using the international date/time format.

I was using one layout for all the displays at different locations, and setting the location on the displays themselves. This works great in my office (Greenville, WI), but in others, specifically our Mansfield, OH location, the plug-in shows the day prior.

Today I copied the layout and changed the location manually for Mansfield and scheduled the layout… with the same experience. I have validated that date/time/timezone are all correct on the Windows computer the client is running on. I’m not sure what else I can do… is there any debugging info that may be helpful?

gtdriver, I really like your layout!