Extract author name (nested tags) with the Ticker Module


I was wondering how I could extract the author name from the RSS feed with the Ticker Module using Substitutions?

The author name is specified within a name tag nested within the author tag like so:

  <title>Example Title</title>
  <content type="html">...</content>
    <name>Author Name</name> <!-- want to use this in the template -->

How can I display the author name with the template?

- alni

Have a look here:

Thanks for the reply.

I have now looked at the thread you provided.

I came up with a solution for my problem:

  • I was using Feeds results from the Flickr Feed Service and I have noticed that it also includes a media:credit tag with each entry.
  • I can use that instead of the nested author name tag like so: [credit|http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/]
  • I also found out that nested tags are not supported with the current Xibo, but it will be supported in the 1.8 milestone (?) ( Getting ticket attributes )

Thanks for the help :smile: