Exporting/Importing Layouts 1.8.9


I just recently (this weekend) upgraded to 1.8.9 non docker - windows. I have always used this set up. Previously, I have been on 1.7.5 and 1.8.2 and there were some issues with the upgrade so I just started from scratch this time (1.8.9) and I have been exporting and importing layouts.

I was just curious if there were known issues with the export/import? For example, I have a main layout we use all over the US that have tickers from CNN, Fox News, etc in a small region at the bottom. When I imported the layout, the tickers (4 of them) would play as normal through 1 time then go blank. Editing the region and making no changes would start the ticker over again. I am not seeing any errors and everything appears to be loading as it should.

Fixing the issue was a matter of deleting the modules out of the region and adding them back in (same exact settings) and they worked fine. However, should be an unnecessary step?

Also, I had one layout that I had to recreate as whenever I would import the layout and try and access it to change it, it would log me out of the CMS.

I also deleted this and recreated.

Let me know if you want me to provide you with any logs to check this.

Thanks so much for all you do!

I don’t think that’s something we’d expect to see.

You can send me the exported layouts (via private message) that caused you problems and I can have a look at them.

I realised that an imported layout has lost the settings for the “Duration” in a Ticker module. Maybe this is also what happens to you.