Excel Sheet with Android Player

So I would like to do the following if its possible.

The customer want to view a large excel sheet (Project management) on a 60inch 4K TV we will be installing.

The Spreadsheet is hosted on their own server which the will update daily. I would like this to be displayed via an Android player on the screen using our Xibo CMS hosted else where.

My thinking is that I will save this and an HTML file which should update everytime they save the file. How can I get that file to be either uploaded to Xibo CMS or for the CMS to access the file and display it on the screen.

This will be the only thing displayed on the screen which makes me worry about screen burn as well.

I might add that the CMS is hosted on a Synology docker if that makes any difference.

Quick idea would be to just make sure that the particular HTML file would be accessible to whatever network the player is on. Presuming they have a server, even if it’s Windows, if it is a IIS server the file could be stashed away in a subfolder on the default website, and linked to in xibo. I haven’t linked to any html sites on my preproduction system, but the standard website module should handle this. It may need some IE settings regarding disabling cache if using a Windows client.

Thanks for your reply I;m trying something like that just now, and will update this ticket with my results.

One thing though I’m worried about the cache on the Android player how to make it update regularly.

So here is what we have done to test.

Installed WAMP on my PC and this is hosting the Excel.htm file and is accessible from the Xibo CMS as its on the same LAN.
This seems to work but is not updating the player when the excel sheet is changed. How can I get Xibo to refresh sooner using the Android player?

OK looks like the player will update and show the excel sheet but not as expected. Its kind of shows it in reverse/negative

When it does show it in the correct colors its does not show any of the cell formatting.

This is what the excel sheet looks like

This is what the player shows on the TV

Just a couple of questions.
Are you using the web page module or the embed one (with an iframe)?
Just running through the forums had a couple recommendations on earlier versions about using embed module.
I can’t check it out (expired, waiting on mgment to approve), but can toss some ideas your way.

If you’re using web page you may try embed (and iframe). I do something similar on one TV just using a browser, with the base file defining the iframe and two others that have reload tags and html files as frame sources.

If you open the file from chrome or IE what does it look like? It is kind of odd that every white cell that is not between green and green is hidden or black., i wonder if some odd css or file formatting is getting in the way.

Either way, Peter or Alex will surely have an idea or two.

Im using the Embedded with iframe.

OK think this was a bit of a schoolboy error. Had HTML background set to transparent and the layout background was set to black…

Now can see the Cell content but no lines are showing just the content of the cells.

Did you turn on All Borders in Excel before saving as htm/html?


All the borders are showing in preview and on a Windows player just not the Android player.

Can you send me a copy of that .html file over private message please, I will take a look at it on all players.

Could you also tell me which Xibo for Android player version are you using and what android device are you using? (mark, model, android version).

CMS is 1.8.5
Android is the latest
Device is a Sumvision Cyclone X 4
Android version is 4.4 KitKat (Just using this to test really)

To be honest I think it may be the device to be honest. I’ve just tried a campaign on it with three layouts and none of them are displaying correctly, However they are fine on a Windows player.

How about this.
Can you try putting the data into an excel table and turning on border (I’m using a thick border), then saving as htm?
You may have to style the table if you want to get rid of the odd/even row colors.

Tried that still that same issue.

Hi Peter did you get the rar file I sent

Not probable but I’ve missed it before. When you update the style of the Excel html, are you updating the xxx_files folder it creates as well?
I did that yesterday during our discussion as I’m not saving directly on the web server for testing.


The excel file is just setup to republish to the folder its been setup in.

Excel file is held on a shared drive and when its been altered and saved and published to a WAMP64 folder.

Just thought I’d jump in here… I had tested displaying a spreadsheet but using google drive - it worked pretty good!