Error when exporting

I get an error when I’m exporting a database or more like page is not found

"Not Found

The requested URL /xibo/index.php was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.33 (Unix) Server at -IP- Port 80"

Also I’m not sure how this needs to be set up.

Please note: The folder location for mysqldump must be available in your path environment variable for this to work and the php exec command must be enabled.

You’re much better off running a mysqldump directly from the command line. I believe we’ve removed the export button in a future release on that basis.

do you have instructions how to do this with docker?

Follow those notes.

Instead of running mysql -u cms -p cms inside the web container, you instead run:

mysqldump -u cms -p cms > /var/www/cms/library/temp/backup.sql

That will export the database to your CMS library temp - available as shared/cms/library/temp outside the container.

The containers take an automatic daily backup and put that in shared/backup, as well as an automatic backup on upgrade.

Thanks Alex! How about uploaded files for the layouts and cms files? Are they backed up as well when container does the backup?

I’m new with using docker so i just try to wrap my head around this.

No. Only the database is inside that archive file.

You need to have your backup software pickup a copy of at least:


Ok got it. It’s been a while when I have used Terminal.

I think I will use this to back up everything or I just take snapshots. Can I just backup /opt/ folder and it will cover everything?

Ps. Are there any tricks to run Xibo on a subdomain that points to different IP than the main domain?
I’m planing to use Cloudflare as a DNS. I don’t really need caching and CND functions but I use it as an extra layer of security.

You can backup the whole directory if you want, but the contents of shared/db are the live database files, and they need to be in a consistent state (ie the cms-db container stopped) for the backup to be usable. In general, you won’t be able to restore that directory and have the containers just work - you’d need to import the database from a backup file rather than just restoring the live database files.

I’m not sure I follow your question. My understanding is CloudFlare inject a holding page when you first access the website. The Players won’t like that behaviour, but should be resilient to it. It may prevent them updating when that is happening therefore.