Error install Xibo 1.7.9

Error installing 1.7.9
Could not write value browserflags
follow image
all instalation is the same problem

Yes, we’re aware of this issue (1.7.9 Player Install issue)

You can safely ignore that error and proceed with the installation, if you wish to use power point, you can make those registry changes manually.

Also yes, we thought it was Win10 thing, but it’s not related, it’s a different problem.

Sorry but I had to return the installation of 1.7.8 because the player is closing all the time and I thought it was for this reason

While there was no new version of this client, the current Xibo for Windows 1.7.9 that you can download from here will not give this error.

As for closing all the time, that seems odd and 1.7.8 does not do that?
Any special circumstances for that behaviour?

in version 1.7.8 not hapens, works normaly.
I dont have any special circumstances for that behaviour

in the 1.7.9 beyond the closure problem when i take out the midia, a white screen apears, and when i restart the application, goes back to the default layout
it should not appear the white screen, it should go right to default layout.

this version install success