Docker where do php scripts go

Help. I had this sort of working, then docker got switched to Windows Containers, then switched back to linux. Now Xibo is working again, but the php script that I had put into C:/Xibo/shared/cms/web/userscripts isn’t showing up within Docker. I do a ‘docker ps’ to find the container, then ‘docker exec -it xibo_cms-web_1 bash’ for a shell, then I look in /var/www/cms/web/userscripts, and nothing is there. I’m obviously doing something wrong, but I can’t see it yet.



The locations are correct. Anything you put in shared\cms\web\userscripts should be available at http://yourserver/userscripts.

If it isn’t, I’d suggest your docker volumes are messed up. Check if uploading a file to the CMS results in a new file in shared\cms\library. If not, that’s definitely the case.

docker-compose down and then bringing the containers back up should resolve that, assuming that the C: drive is properly shared in the Docker settings. However, caution, if you’ve been adding content and those files aren’t in the shared folder, then doing so may cause data loss as you’ll potentially have files that are stored inside the current container rather than on the filesystem. If you suspect that’s the case, investigate with a shell inside the container and if there are files there to pickup, then they can be copied out using the docker cp command.

The same goes for the database. See if the files in shared/db are modified recently. If they aren’t, then potentially your database is running from inside the temporary container too.

If you’re not sure, come back and I’ll try and help you get back to a sensible position.

Since this was a new installation, I mostly didn’t care about any existing files, although I suppose for practice I should have tried… Anyway, docker-compose down, followed by docker-compose up -d fixed my problems, thanks!