Docker CentOS Virtualhost

Moved and reconfigured server. Now running CentOS with Docker.
Have setup docker and it is running correctly in /opt/folder.
when i setup virtual host i get a error 503. only way working right now is apache is removed from CentOS.

Do I need to remove the xibo docker, install apache and then setup the xibo docker back up ?
Have 3 more docker sites need to setup …

Any help is appreaciated !

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with centos, however there are few community guide which perhaps can help you like:
How to install on Centos 6 Installation guide of XIBO 1.8 on CentOS 7 and Guide on how to install Xibo CMS on CentOS 7

Regarding apache, it could be port conflict ie both apache and standard docker try to run on the same port.

Thanks. I’m pretty familiar with centos but docket is throwing me off. Haven’t really used docker much.

Those guides are for custom installs.

Does docker install web server and all ?

May need to remove the instance, install http then redo the docker instance.

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