Display a static picture as a layout

Hi all,

I’m a new Xibo user and very happy to belong to the community.

I’m helping my parents to installa a Sign and have a simple request I don’t know if it will possible with Xibo.

I designed a PNG (photoposhop) of my parents restaurant’s menu and want simply to display it as a static picture all the time without any animation and no need to edit it in the future…

My question is how to do it without regions creations if not possible what will be the easiest and simpliest way to do it?

Thanks in advance.


Hello, welcome to the Community!

A Layout is made up of Regions and regions need to contain content to play. You could create a very simple Layout, using the default full size Region, and simply add the Image widget and upload the image you want to use, set it to Publish then Schedule to your Displays.

Do take a look at this link which shows you how to create a Simple Layout :slight_smile:

His scenario use work in previous version of xibo. I was using that and it worked. I used a background image without any region and I was able to schedule the layout. But now, in xibo 2.3.8 and above, windows players will get stuck at loading / splash screen while linux players works fine…I didnt bother to report this, I just created a single full screen region as you said.

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