Display a layout within another layout?

Hi, how can we display a layout within another layout?


Hi, I am not sure I understand what you mean?

You can group together a series of Layouts and have them play in order using Campaigns.

Take a look at our User Manual for guidance.

Thank you

Lets say we have Layout1 and Layout2.
Layout1 is used on a lot of displays. Now, we need to setup Layout2 and show in specific region of this layout Layout1. In other words, Layout1 should appear in a region of Layout2.

Xibo does not support showing a Layout in a Region in another Layout.

If the Layout you want to ‘replicate’ in a second Layout contains just one Region, then you would just copy the media to a Region on the second Layout.

Of course you can
You must schedule the layouts as Over Layout and set Display Order and Priority.

If an Overlay Layout as suggested above, would accommodate your Layout design then once scheduled as an Overlay, it will sit on top of all your scheduled content. Please note that Windows Players do not support overlapping regions so keep that in mind when designing Layouts.

You could also look at Playlists as this would allow you to use the same timeline of content to multiple Layouts.

As Layouts can be made up of 1 or many Regions it is tricky to make suggestions based on Layout 1 in Layout 2. Please do give further information as to what you would like to achieve if you require further support with this :slight_smile:

As Natasha said: If a Layout is scheduled as an Overlay, it will sit on top of all your scheduled content.
But, you not will schedule a Layout whit a region in Full Size, you must to schedule an Layout whit a region with custom size.

See the pictures


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