Default Layout updating interval

We have just started to use Xibo and I’m running into a probably very simple problem.
We intend to use Xibo as an information board and as a birthday calender below that. We just list the names there.

My problem is that we would like to use only one layout. The optimal solution, i thought, would be, that we just update that one layout that we have and assign it as the default layout of the one screen we have now.
Now if i want to change anything on the layout, it won’t update. Even after the duration the layout takes to finish.

Does Xibo check if there are changes to the default layout while it is displaying it?

Yes it does :+1:

I couldn’t say why it isn’t updating without more information - like does the display status go to a [!] when you make the change to the layout? What is the contents of the Media Inventory (display page).

Hey AOtten,

Not sure but this sounds like the same issue I was having with Default Layout not updating with v1.7.2.

Hope this fixes your issue.


I noticed that it does update eventually. But it seemengly takes longer than the duration of the layout. Is there a fix time after that it checks?

The client connects to the CMS for updated content on a collection interval - you define that in the Player settings, or in 1.7 series from the CMS in a Display Profile.

Once the client connects to the CMS and gets the updated content, depending on what changed, it may have to finish showing the current layout before it starts showing your new content. So if your current layout has long running media items on it, that can take some time.

We are experiencing the same issue with Android version 1.7 running on xibo 1.7.6. The player will check in download the content but won’t update what it’s displaying unless we power cycle or change default layout and then change it back.

Has anyone find a solutions to this? Thanks

+1 Agree with jerrodtracy, we are still getting this. Any ideas yet?

Please log support tickets directly with Spring Signage Help Desk for issues with the Android Player like these. We can help you far more easily there as we can get all the required information from you.

In almost all cases though, it’s because you have long running regions on the layout and they block the layout reloading unless you setup the Player correctly to handle that.

I am using Xibo CMS v1.7.9 and I am trying to let my Android device check new content more frequently than 1 minute (currently CMS propose 1 minute, 5 minutes […] 12 hours).

To allow my Android device check new content each 10 seconds I tried to modify CMS by modifying array “CollectInterval” into the /config/client.config.php file as followed :

                    'name' => 'collectInterval',
                    'tabId' => 'general',
                    'title' => __('Collect interval'),
                    'type' => _INT,
                    'fieldType' => 'dropdown',
                    'options' => array(
                            array('id' => 10, 'value' => __('10 seconds')),
                            array('id' => 60, 'value' => __('1 minute')),
                            array('id' => 300, 'value' => __('5 minutes')),
                            array('id' => 600, 'value' => __('10 minutes')),
                            array('id' => 1800, 'value' => __('30 minutes')),
                            array('id' => 3600, 'value' => __('1 hour')),
                            array('id' => 14400, 'value' => __('4 hours')),
                            array('id' => 43200, 'value' => __('12 hours'))
                        ), [...]

But it does not work.

Could you please tell me a way to allow my Android device check new content every 10 seconds ?