Default layout playing longer than media assigned

I have set a new layout to play, this layout should play after the default layout as it is the only one set for the next week while i tinker.

but the default layout is taking 4 minutes to change over, this is even though all the media attached is set for 30 seconds, i was just wondering if this is correct or if there is a setting or a mistake i have made/missed

What CMS and player version are you using?

Total duration of the layout is displayed on Layouts page and in layout designer (1.8 series)

If you have several items in the same region, each with 30s duration, then that can easily add up to 4 mins, perhaps the following topic would be helpful as well Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout

If you do not see why it stays on screen for longer than expected, you can export your layout and send to me via private message.

we are using 1.7.7 for both the player and the cms, and yes please i will send the exported layout to you to check over encase im being silly and over looking the issue