Dataset. Layout us showing all items in dataset

Scenario: My test layout on CMS 1.8.0 has three regions with DataSets being used for tickers.

Each ticker displays two data fields for the Exam Schedule: The Subject (Cardiology, Surgery etc) and the Group (MBChB II, MBChB IV etc)

It uses the time in the rest of the data set to determine when to display the exam subjects and groups.

So I could have a schedule as follows:

Between 09:00-11:00: Area 1 - Cardiology exam - MBChB II
11:00-14:00: Area 1 - Neonatology - MBChB III
14:00-16:00: Area 3 -

I’m not sure what is the question here?

You’d need to tell us more about your layout and dataSet.

Basically if you have datasets with subject, group and start/end time then all of it can be on one layout, you’d use the filters in tickers to show what you want and when you want.

ah I see that seems to be failed topic, continued here - CMS 1.8.0 - All data in DataSets being displayed not just one entry!

I’ll close this one…