CMS 1.8.0 - All data in DataSets being displayed not just one entry!

Scenario: A region on a layout displays the Subject and a Group in a ticker using the times set up in a dataset.

For example:

09:00-11:00 Area 1: Cardiology - MBChB IV
11:00-14:00 Area 1: Neonatology - MBChB III
14:00-16:00 Area 1: Orthopedics - MBChB VI

There are 4 fields in the dataset: examstart, examend, subject & group.

The SQL filter I am using in the ticker is “NOW() > examstart AND NOW() < examend”

However now the ticker is displaying all 3 groups one after each other in the ticker. I have tried setting the "Edit Ticker…Format…Items per page…to “1” but that has had no effect…

Is there a better way of doing this? It worked in CMS 1.7.+ but in that there were OTHER issues.

Basically if you have datasets with subject, group and start/end time then all of it can be on one layout, you’d use the filters in tickers to show what you want and when you want.

You have one ticker on your layout or more?

do you have effect set to your ticker?

You can also filter ticker by the group name ie add to your filter AND group = "groupName"

where ‘group’ is the column name
and ‘groupName’ is the name of the group.

To answer your questions:

I have 3 tickers in the layout: One for each room at my centre.
The tickers effects are set to MArquee left at speed 6 and displaying for 30 seconds.

Currently the filter is set in each ticker under "use advanced filter clause to : NOW() > examstart AND NOW() < examend
IOW, show the “Subject” and the “Group” field for the times bracketed bu the “eaxamstart” and “examend” field. Do you have another suggestion as to the filter?

Would the Order tab in the Edit Ticker menu do anything to prevent all the fields in the “Subject-Group” displaying all at once and not just one?

Peter do you have any answer to the puzzling display glitches I mentioned?