Dataset IMG Tag Error


I have a Ticker widget showing content from a Dataset, which includes ‘‘Titel’’, ‘‘Bild’’ and ‘‘Text’’. ‘‘Bild’’ is an Internal Library image which displays fine, but when I want to do some customizing via html/css, nothing works. Putting it in an img Tag returns " /> but no image (see attached).

What am I doing wrong?

Have a look here for example Actual images size on displays

short version
You can access it with just

for example if you want to display only 50% width you’d add the following in CSS
img { width: 50%;}

Thanks, that helped.

I just discovered why I am having problems with % values. The Resolution of this Layout is a 21:9 Screen (2560x1080), but my preview screen is 16:9, which effectively stretches the Layout to 1920x810 and screws with my height.

Is there any way to preview the actual output without actually having a 2560x1080 display?