Actual images size on displays

Hi Everyone!

I have an issue with images. I inserted some image on layout (via Ticker/Datasets) and it looks fine on preview but on display I can see only a piece of image. I think the image is trying to show with full size on the display and on preview this one is shrinks depend on the region size.



I tried to make some changes in the Windows registry (Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player) but without ant luck.
Any idea?
I’m using Xibo 1.8

Thanks in advance,

Could you please open your ticker, navigate to appearance tab, then under Optional Stylesheet add

img { width: 100%;}

then restart your player, make sure it has the updated layout version and see if that solves the problem?

Additionally if you’re using Windows 10, please go to Display Settings and make sure that ‘Change the size of text, apps and other items’ is set to 100%.

Peter, it works!
Now I can see actual size!

Thank you again,