Dataset Formula to Calculate Percentage

Does anyone know of a way to calculate percentage in the formula of a dataset item?

Dataset is:
1: Target - Number
2: Total Orders - Number
3 % Take-Up - Formula (% Of Total Orders from Target)

So if the target is 100, total orders is 50, the Take-Up column would automatically calculate at 50%.

Is this possible?





formula in take up

Appearance tab in ticker
[target|190] | [total|191] - [take up|192]%

Result with some example values:

Well actually the formula should probably be:
ROUND(((total)*100)/target, 2)

as it will look better this way

Hope that helps.

Thanks! Very nearly there!

Is there any way I can add the % symbol inside the formula? I’m not using a ticker widget, I’m using a dataset one.

I’ve tried using: CONCAT(ROUND(((total)*100)/target, 1)),(’%’)

But it only returns % as the result.



CONCAT(ROUND(((total)*100)/target, 2), '%')

that should work.

Unfortunately that leaves the take-up blank!

Alternatively, I’m an idiot and forgot to set the column for take-up to Formula instead of Value :stuck_out_tongue: That works perfectly! Thanks!


Ok, you got me worried there for a second :slight_smile:

I’m glad that works for you.

Only have one more issue :confused: The actual column names have spaces (so they show correctly in the dataset headers). If I add a space into the column name, it breaks the whole dataset:

CONCAT(ROUND(((Total Orders)*100)/Target, 2), ‘%’)

If “Total Oders” has a space, the dataset goes haywire until I delete that formula column :confused:

Right, you will want to put your column name between ` characters (ie backticks)

so no ’ ’ but `and it will work ie:

CONCAT(ROUND(((`total orders`)*100)/target, 2), '%')

Aha! Well, you are just a fantastic person and deserve some form of frosted beverage.



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Is it possible to do conditional formatting, say color a column/cell if below 50% or something similar?

I am trying to replicate exactly as the same as @Zebwen posted with an attendance take up target for an event:

And don’t get the formula pulling through - any ideas?