Data Set data updating on the TV


I have a simple dataset which I intend to use for updating a scrolling ticker on the screen. It works well except that if I have anything other than the clock on the screen the data set doesn’t update when changes are made to it. Even an RSS ticker will stop it from working. When I remove all the other regions and leave just a clock and the ticker, any changes made to the data set update quickly.

This is using version 1.7.3 cloud hosted using a windows client.


If the DataSet is the only item in the region, then it won’t update until all other regions on the layout expire.

That’s explained in more detail here:

So either you need to add the dataset ticker to the region timeline twice, or keep the other regions total duration short so that it can update.

Thanks, that’s worked a treat.

The only thing I am having trouble with now is Marquee’s with a dataset and it only showing one item at a time. I have 4 entries and it shows the 4 side by side each time. I have tried toggling the “side by side” option but whatever setting I choose they always come out along side each other.

It works with scrolling, just not marquee. I looked at some help guides on line but they all mention selecting “single mode” when creating the ticker, but i can’t see that option on 1.7.3.


Marquee will move the whole block in as an entrance/exit animation. Scrolling will put the items in a long line and move them across the screen. So it sounds like it’s doing exactly what it should do?