DarkSky module off by day


I had the weather mod working with client time just fine at 3pm Feb9 / both server and client have correct local times. But is 7pm Feb 9th and it shows the 10th. Any thing I should check. yes i have the API key :slight_smile:


What CMS and players version are you using please?

The CMS preview will show the forecast according to the default display lat/long in CMS settings, on the players it will show it either according to display location if specified or if the location is configured in the widget itself then it will show that on all players.

If you open the widget and do request forecast, what does it show as local time?

If CMS is correct, does the weather shows incorrectly in the layout designer as well?
Have you changed the default cache / update interval for the weather widget?


cms 1.8.2
geo set in CMS

I set the geo location on the layout its self. Its not that the weather is
not correct or the date. Its when the night time weather starts showing
normally. It starts about 3pm and says the next date.

Cms and android clients are the correct date time. I have turned of night
time forecast to see if this helps.

I will keep informed later today…


The weather is cached for a period of time to ease the burden on the DarkSky API (and on your API key). You could try reducing this cache time.

It may also be the case that the layout lasts a long time and is therefore not being refreshed - see Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout


has gotten a little better by reducing the cache time.