Daily update of content

we are using one xibo client (Both CMS and Client are running 1.7.9),
the layout has a menu, a news flash (slideshow) a clock, a news ticker and a picture slideshow (the slideshow runs for 9 hours)
We have 2 Layouts a day, one for morning and one for afternoon,
We use the schedule to plan them with the repeat function,
The problem we run into is, if we schedule the week and then change the record of the news ticker it does not automatically update it only does if we reschedule the layout or restart the xibo Client. There are no error messages with “l” and the new content also gets downloaded.
Is there a way to automatically “refresh” the layout every morning, without changing the slideshow duration? (cause we don’t want the refresh to happen all the time since the whole screen goes white)

hmm it should automatically update - the ticker has its own update interval though
Edit ticker -> advanced -> update interval (by default 120min)

so perhaps that would be something to look at (ie lower it)

the update interval of the news ticker is allready set to 1min.
It also works if i lower the timer of the picture slideshow (everything gets updated),
it works if I alter the text and then schedule the layout, but it doesn’t work if i alter the schedule and then the text, any idea?

It probably will once the layout will reload - when the region with longest duration will end.
So lowering the longest duration is one solution - Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout

Alternatively you could add something to the region with the ticker (second item in the region) then when ticker ends that second item will be displayed and then back to ticker - which at this point should be updated.
It could be some text item with short duration for example.

Okay i tried adding a second newsticker they swap every 60 seconds with he exact same content (same dataset)
and update interval of 60 seconds.

the updating works fine now, the only problem now is, that not only the newsticker gets updated, the whole layout gets updated and the pictures get reseted.

The whole layout will reload when the longest running region expires, so you can create another region (offscreen if you want) with content that runs longer than 2 minutes, and then the whole layout will hold for that duration instead. Your ticker will refresh every 60 seconds regardless.

I think i have to explan myself again,
We have 2 layouts for each day; one for morning and one for afternoon, and we scheduled it like this

The layout looks like this and the only part that changes is the menu. (morning/afternoon)

Both Layouts use the same dataset for the region on the bottenright, (we created datasets for each day of the week)

We are looking for a way to update the region on the bottom right, without reloading the whole layout, currently the pictures run for 34k seconds therefor it only updates every 9 hours (We would be happy if it updates whenever a new layout gets loaded (twice a day)

but somehow when the layout changes from default to as example friday morning or from friday morning to friday afternoon it doesn’t get updated (only if we alter the layout and then schedule it again)

we now tried peters suggestion and made 2 tickers on the region in the bottom right like this:

suddenly it updates every x minutes (x=update interval of the news ticker)
but now if the morning layout changes to afternoon layout the ticker is reseted and shows old information for at least 10 minutes (update interval) - even thought they have the same dataset

thanks for your help

It will do, because while the dataset widget is based on the same dataset, it isn’t the same media item. It will therefore have its own local cache. When you first show the item, it will get that content from cache and show that while the content is updated in the background.

okay that makes sense, i’ll only do one layout for each day,
also one more thing do you know why the picture slideshow gets refreshed, when i change something in the newsticker? isn’t it supposed to only change the newsticker? (the slideshow should run for 9 hours)

If you make a change that invalidates the layout (ie add or remove a widget, move a region) then the whole layout will reload.

If you make a change only inside the dataset attached to the widget, then only the ticker will update.

allright thanks, that helped me alot understanding how it works and fixing my problems, cheers

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