Customizing Xibo


there is probably an answer somewhere on this thread about customizing xibo and I know I have to contact spring signage but my question is:

If I would contact spring signage (my intention is to give back to all the XIBO Developers with a donation). I am looking to customize the entire CMS & player. I know somewhere on the website there was a cost of 125… dont quote me on that but i remember seeing something regarding customizing & cost or donation. if that is true: what can be customized? I am very familiar with PHP, xml, but not familiar with the player and connections that are made between player & CMS. Cn someone direct me on who to contact or get connected with. Thank you XIBO Developer FOR MAKING A GREAT PRODUCT and supporting the “open source”


i think I found it but is this for the windows player and what happens when I purchase this:

I am looking to use the offline model: what comes in this package? a version of the CMS site that could play offline content?

Use off-line.
All the content is cached in advance and played back even when the device loses connection with the CMS.

On-line media

Embedded HTML and Web Page items that require an internet connection may not play off-line.

Licensing with Spring Signage

Xibo for Android can also be licensed for usage behind corporate lines or on local intranets. For £150.00 GBP you can purchase an off-line licence module that lives on your CMS. This can be used to manually licence your clients and remove the need for the 30 day check.


It might be better if you contact us directly via support ticket -

Just briefly here:

Windows and CMS player and both distributed under AGPLv3 open source licence.
You can download and use them for free, you can also make modifications to the code with some responsibilities -

Spring Signage offers white label services for CMS and both players, if you’d be interested please contact us directly.

Xibo for Android is for android devices.

On-premise (offline) licencing module is also for android devices, the most common use of it is in the situation where android devices are permanently cut off from the internet - Licencing your Xibo for Android Display