Cursor in textbox misbehaves in Firefox

Hi all,

For some reason the cursor really acts up when editing text boxes in Firefox. Sometimes the cursor disappears entirely, but other times it blinks in the wrong place. The issue happened for sure in 1.8.3 as well as 1.8.5, but I don’t remember which version started doing this. I did try clearing Firefox’s cache as suggested to someone else for interface errors, but it had no effect.

This is with Firefox 58.0.2 by the way. If I use Chrome the cursor works correctly.

I normally don’t use firefox often, but I updated it to 58.0.2 today, I did not encounter similar problems while using it though.

By textboxes you mean the Text editor in Text widget or the text fields on various Edit forms?

Do you have that issue exclusively in Xibo or on other sites as well?

It happens in the text editor for text widgets.

I used a screen capture program to make a .gif of it. You can see that the cursor starts out between the “b” and “r” in “library”, then I right arrow over and the cursor disappears. I type a 7, just to see where it is and it shows up again in front of the “i” in “is”. Next,I right arrow over twice to after the “s” and delete it, but the cursor is over top of the 7. Finally, I arrow over some more and type an 8, which appears in front of “closed” even though the cursor is still in “is”. it’s very weird.


It only happens in Xibo, and only in Firefox. Chrome and Edge are okay.

I suspect this is something to do with the scaling we use to present the text inside the box at the correct size for the region (the red rectangle).

We apply a scale transform - this :bug: sounds similar although perhaps not the same.

What is odd is that Peter didn’t get the same issues - what OS are you using Firefox on?

I’m running on Windows 10 Pro 64bit, build 1709.

Actually now that I’m looking at it and I know exactly where the problem is I do get the same on Firefox.

I don’t think I had the case when cursor was displayed in one place, but actually was in different position (near the end of the gif above), but there definitely is something odd going on with firefox and text editor right now.

As Dan said it is most likely related to the ‘red rectangle’, as all other fields when you can enter text (or editor like Ticker -> Advanced tab) does not show this issue.

OK, can you create a bug for that then please Peter - we will investigate in more detail. 1.8.7.

Issue created and this very topic linked to it as well

Great, thanks guys.

I don’t know if this helps any, but I tried this out in Firefox 58.0.2 on an old Windows 7 SP1 64bit PC and it happens there too.

58.0.2 Linux - no issue

Does it happen on all regions, or only regions of a particular size?

Well, it seems to be any size. Normally I work in a smallish window on text boxes that only contain one sentence, as seen in the .gif above. As a test, I made Xibo full screen 2560x1080 and pasted a paragraph of text into the text box. The cursor still randomly disappears when editing a large text box like that.

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