Copy a layout to another xibo CMS Host

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can i copy an layout to an other client? wenn yes, how can i do this process?

For your answer its all right


If you mean copy a layout to another CMS you can. You Export it on the first and Import it again on the second. Both happen from the Layouts page.

If you mean can you schedule a layout on more than one Player - yes you can. You simply select multiple displays when you schedule the event.

i found a process in layouts …there is standing “export” . but when i export the file the file is a .zip!!

in layouts you can import a file but i don´t know how its in .zip…?? now

when i unzipping the file a have much mor files???

sorry can you helb me please!

You just import the zip. You don’t need to do anything else.

This is only to copy a layout from one Xibo instance to another. If you’re copying within the same CMS you can just use the Copy layout feature to make a duplicate.

Hi alex, when i export for example a zip file and this file is 48 MB big and i copying to an usb stick… And with this usb stick i import the zip file to another cms not the same cms, it will not going :frowning:

There is coming a message. I have to take a photo an put it here ok.


EDIT: Following text is comming down whilw i will upload the .zip file:

Please make sure that you have selected a file and it is ready uploaded

and then nothing else doing…
What is here wrong?
Alex, kann you test it with one of yours please an can you tell me

Thanks a lot

You go to the Layouts page of the CMS, click Import and then select your zip file.

It will then upload it and add it to the system. If the new CMS won’t allow a 48MB zip file upload then it’s incorrectly configured. You need to follow the instructions in the CMS Post-Installation guide to get that CMS configured correctly for large file uploads:

Hello Alex, thanks for your answer, but how can i see a mistake in the copy layout?

Can you copying your layouts in zip file to an other CMS?

The manual i don’t understand. The answer is comming wgen i will copy thr zip file is not correct… Right?

How long does an 48 MB file to copying and where can i see that the layout is wrong?
Can the change the size of the file even later after installation? If yes how?

The layout export/import is specifically designed to copy a layout from one CMS to another. It’s the only way to transfer a layout.

Importing an exported layout is as simple as uploading the complete unmodified zip file you exported from the original CMS.

If it won’t upload, then you likely haven’t configured PHP correctly. The instructions for doing that are in the link I sent earlier.

Hi alex, what is centos 6??

Ok then i musst create always an new layout. Sorry, but i don’t know ho i configurated a right php???

But always thanks for your help

I can’t find a thread here in the forum. Can it be that i’m the one who has this problem??

Centos is a Linux distrubution

The problem is that you’re giving us no details. You just say “It doesn’t work”. No screenshots of what you’re seeing or any error messages. We can’t help you on that basis I’m afraid. You need to give as much detail as possible.

Hi alex, i make at evenibg screenshots and put it here. Then you can see the mistake


Hi alex, look st the screenshot an the red answer below:
Please make sure that you have selected a file and its ready to upload

Although i have the file selected above already as an zip file! And this red message comed then i press the imort button!!

Are you allowing the file to upload completely before you press import? Judging by the 30% complete marker on the Firefox icon in the system tray I’d say you’re not waiting for the file to upload before you click Import.

Hi alex, where is that standing with “allowed”? Sorry, i click on export and then import… More not. No the 30% in Firefox was an another download. I wait till the download is fonished. It will be always coming the same info😞 the last chanr is the allowed info. Please, you have to say where i can set it.

Where can i find the allowedsettings?


You need to wait for the upload to finish before you click Import. That’s all there is to it.

You select the file you want to upload (the zip file).

Once selected, wait until it says the upload has completed like this:

Then you can click Import.

Hi and where can i allowed the option??
And where can i see when i have choosen the file that it’s uploaded?

You’re making this so much harder than it is.

You go to Import. You pick the zip file that you exported from your other CMS. You wait for it to tell you the file uploaded, and then you click Import.

There’s nothing to set, change, allow or anything else. You just upload the file you already exported (the zip file).

Sorry i can unsderstand you but i have token it you say… I pick up the zip file and wait…wait…wait … You can see it on the screen. Normally is cames s text : file are uploaded and then i can push the import button… Nothing is doing :frowning:

Ahhhh NOW it has to be O.K.!! :slight_smile: i have token a 1,9 MB big file an after 2 Minutes there was standig"The file is uploaded":smile:
O.K. the other file has 52MB and the time is much longer!!

Alex…very thanks to You!!

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