Consecutive Datasets in timetline


I’m trying to set up a digital sign for our school canteen with a region set up as follows:
A) Dataset: Today’s specials (1 page, 10 seconds dataset duration).
B) Dataset: Everyday menu items (3 pages of 3 data items, 30 seconds total duration)

I’m running into the issue that whenever xibo transitions between A and B, you only see the first item in B for about a second before it moves to the next page. Then, later in the sequence, it appears for longer and what appears to be the remainder of the time it was supposed to display for originally (around 9 seconds).

Is this the expected behaviour? Are the 2 datasets rendering in parallel but only visible at the relevant times, or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance!

I’d expect both dataSets View (or Tickers) to be displayed for the specified duration.

Could you export your layout (with dataSets) and send it to me over private message please? I will then have a look.

If you could also confirm the CMS and player versions please.

I’ve attempted to send you the file via pm.

CMS 1.8.7 (docker) and Player 1.8.3.

Hi there,

Just a quick update:

The player seems to have fixed itself somehow overnight. However, in the Layout Preview part of the CMS, the problem still exists.

I received your layout and scheduled it to my local player, on the player everything seems to be correctly displayed for the durations specified, I’m not sure what cause this issue on your players yesterday - unless there were some adjustments made to the layout between then and now?

I’m putting it down to this solar storm we are apparently in the middle of.

Did you try the CMS Layout Preview? It still happens for me there.

Thanks for your help.

ON the module page, try to Verify and cleared the cache on all the modules like in this post

Have you tried to reverse it? Have B) Dataset: then A) Dataset: to see if it still does it?

Also I have done a similar setup, I setup (2) layouts. Then set a campaign to show both layouts, then schedule that campaign to the display.