Text item not shown after upgrade to 1.8.7

Yesterday I installed Xibo 1.8.6 manually, and everything was working fine. I’ve created a couple of test layouts to get familiair with the app, and so far so good.

Just this morning I upgraded to 1.8.7, and now text items aren’t displayed anymore. Whether it’s a clock, a ticker or just a simple text, nothing is shown. This happens in existing layouts, and also if I create a new one.
I tried to select a different font, font color etc, but nothing helps.

An image or video is working fine, just everything with text seems broken.

Any ideas?

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Never mind… clicked verify on all modules, and cleared the cache on all the modules… and it’s working again :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear you have it working now!

I had exactly the same issue with a clean install of 1.8.7 on my Debian web server, was struggling for ages with no text or clock. Verify and clear cache fixed it for me.