Configuring ZeroMQ in the server

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I am trying to send a command to the display. I saved the command “Reboot” to test this feature but I get this error message when trying to send, “ZeroMQ is required to send Players actions. Please check your configurations”. This means that I have to install ZeroMQ into the server and I have logged in to the server. From this point, what do I have to do to to install ZMQ in the server so that I can send commands to the display?

Secondly, when I make changes to the layout(adding a video file or image) I am not able to see the changes reflect on the display but I do see it when I preview the campaign. Is installing ZMQ in the server going to fix this issue as well?

ZMQ is used for push messaging in Xibo - sending a command is a push message, and therefore the requirement for ZMQ. See this section of the manual for more detail:

Probably not - you need to check the display status to see if the player has connected to the CMS and downloaded the content it requires. ZMQ will not effect this process

Hi Dan Thanks for you reply. It’s good to know that.

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hi @dan,

I hope you’re doing fine.

I’ve installed xibo on windows without docker as my pc doesn’t support virtualization so cannot install docker on it. i’m facing problem while configuring ZMQ/PHP bindings with xibo i’ve followed the manuall but it doesn’t explain how to configure it on windows. If you know any link to this guide please do let me know. Thanks.

look in my Howto to understand how ZMQ is installed in Windows.

Howto its in german, but you can use the Google Translator to translate in your language

Please Help For this issue!!


What kind of OS do you have installed?

What kind of Webserver do you have installed?

What version of Xibo is running? Docker or manuall Installation?

I have only experience with Windowssystems and manual Installation on Apache Webserver.

Write here, so anybody can read it when the same problem is occurred.

Maybe: This post helps you more:

Greetings Torsten