Compatibilities between xibo client Linux and Xibo servers

I’m a french (scuse my english) professionnal computer scientist and I’m working on a project for a school.
“My” school have 1200 students, 800 computers and we are sometimes a pilote school for computers scientists.
Our region (arround 100 schools) hope to use xibo servers (1 per school) and 1 client per screen.
I have the project to use xibo clients on raspberry because of technical reasons and academic rules.
I have done many tests, my xibo server 1.7 is installed (on 2 computers), a clients on windows too and works (on 1.7) and i have with me a raspberry pi2 and a pi3. I have installed xibo client on the pi3 with an image for pi2 (with modifications)
Now i have the splash screen. I have manage the “site.cfg”, put the server address and the key, but the server 1.7 didn’t see him (on the both servers).

So, on witch version of server the installation of pi for linux does it works? (I can maby change too the actual version (1.6.0-rc2) on the raspberry) or change my server version.

I hope to get the interresmens of the region for this option for the others schools for installing xibo if I’v fot a technical solution for them.


Please see the FAQ on Xibo on Raspberry Pi:

TLDR; It’s not supported.