CMS user login problem

Ok thanks! Probably the first 3 logs…

It’s possible that fails to load the display list?

News? Thanx

Good morning…someone analyze the log? I’m going crazy with this problem … I have to give access to a customer and don’t know how to do.


Another log:

So, the logs that you showed us, unfortunately doesn’t tell us why you have this problem.

Could you tell me, how did you perform the upgrade please? Also from what version you did it?
Did you follow steps described here?
especially the ‘Do not copy over the top.’ part

Did you follow Dan’s suggestions?

No, unfortunately I have overwritten files …now how can I do?

Yes for the I follow Dan’s suggestion…

I see, well good thing is, it should be quite easy to fix that:

You will want to:
rename the current folder, for example add _old
copy new fresh install into prior folder (you might need to download it, if you don’t have it)
copy settings.php from _old
make sure the library location is correct (hopefully that is not in _old, but it might be, please double check)

ok I’m copying files …

Nothing … I did what you told me but the problem persists …


Did you delete the users you created with the corrupt installation?

I tried now but the problem remains

I noticed that in the user list not working the “My application” link and the Administrator menu > Applications (loads the page but not the table) … I don’t know if this thing can be correlated with the user login problem…

From chrome console I noticed this error when I try to log in with a user … is this error useful to solve my problem?

Failed to clear temp storage: It was determined that certain files are unsafe for access within a Web application, or that too many calls are being made on file resources. SecurityError

Perhaps, @dan can you please have a look once you got a moment?

Sorry, but I don’t know what that error means - it may well be a problem with Dev Tools (although I use that daily and don’t have that issue).

Can you try truncating your session table? Just incase there is some corrupt data in there.

Thanks Dan please told me how can I truncate session table…thank you!
And what about Dev tool?

You issue the MySQL command

TRUNCATE session;

on your database.

Sorry alex I’m not an expert of MySQL but I didn’t find “TRUNCATE SESSION” command on MySQL documentation…


TRUNCATE is the command. session is the table.

The command you need to run is literally

TRUNCATE session;

as I said before.

Ok I understand…I’ve to truncate session table

Thank you