CMS user login problem

I installed the new CMS version (1.7.6) and created new users after the upgrade. With users created after the upgrade can not log in, I insert the correct user and password but the login page does not load the dashboard and looping.

Thanks in advance!

Could you perhaps show us a screenshot of the issue?
Does it give you any errors?
Does your new user have the right permissions to see dashboard etc?

Always loading login page…no errors!
Permissions are correct, all users are in a group named “Spot” where they are set correctly. Users created before the upgrade don’t have this problem …

Any suggestions? Need some other information?


Can anyone help me please?

It’s hard to say, it will have something to do with your web server environment.

Next step would be probably to
a) tell us what web server are you using?
b) check if there are any errors in your server logs (there should be)

I’ve a Linux server with Apache

and are there any errors in Apache logs?

I don’t know I’m not server administrator. What should I ask to analyze? What kind of errors?

So start off with the CMS logs. What is reported in the CMS in the logging section immediately after one of these users tries to log on?

You will want to enable global debugging on your CMS (Report fault page -> turn on debugging)
try to log in as a user that gives you this problem.
then check ‘Logs’ page for errors

unfortunately I disabled logs … what log level must be enabled for a test?

Probably audit, it should switch to audit when you click the ‘turn on debugging’ on report fault page

unfortunately doesn’t record any log or errors because the user can not log in CMS…

the problem is that the last created users (probably after ugrading cms) has the same problem…

Yes but we’ve no idea why. It’s not a general problem so it’s something specific to your instance.

Without some kind of meaningful log output it’s impossible to take this further.

Is the CMS also in test mode?

Actually it’s not in test mode is in production. If I switch to tesh mode what happens to my installed client?

Thank you

Changing to test mode won’t affect the Players. It will just show any errors directly to the browser and may show additional in the logs too.

So switch to test mode, then try and log in as one of these users, and then log back in as an admin and see if anything was logged. It should at least log the login attempt.

Is that a theme you’ve applied to the CMS or have you edited the CMS code directly?

Ok I try!

No is not a theme I overwrite only a xibo logo…

Can you please try the following:

  1. Log in with your admin user
  2. Turn on logging and switch to test mode
  3. Go to the log page
  4. Open a new browser (either a different browser, or incognito tab)
  5. Navigate to the login page
  6. In the admin browser window, select truncate
  7. In the other browser login
  8. In the admin browser window, refresh and take a screen shot