CMS is picking up the wrong IP Address and name

Hi I’m hoping you can help.

I’ve installed the CMS onto a laptop and I’ve installed the player on two other laptops. Licensing these displays worked ok. I tried to add a third laptop, however this failed to connect. I tried uninstalling the Player and reinstalling. It didn’t work, then it suddenly decided to connect!

However the CMS isn’t picking up the correct IP address for the laptop, nor the laptop name. It’s duplicating one of the other laptops. I’ve tried uninstalling the player from both laptops and reinstalling. Also deleting the displays from the CMS.

When installing the player, it choses the same hardware key on both laptops. Not sure how to force it to create a new hardware key.

Is there any help you can give me?

Many thanks in advance.


Regarding hardware key, when you open Xibo Player Options, go to advanced tab and there you can adjust the hardware key (Display ID field). - it will cause issues, hardware key must be unique.

Regarding IP, it is just the IP property of the web request made by the client, we do have a feature request to show local ip addresses - that’s not causing issues.

Thank you Peter, that’s seems to have worked! Will test tomorrow.