Clients should report their local IP address to the CMS as well

+1 for this.

The way CMS displays the IP address is useful when the server and the clients are on the same network or on directly routed networks. When the clients are behind a NAT, there’s no information on what’s the client’s local IP address, only the WAN port IP can be seen (this can also be useful in certain cases, I admit). But it can get even worse, like in my case, since in Xibo CMS I only see the IP address where the connection comes from, this is my own reverse proxy internal IP address.

It would be very nice if the clients could report back to the CMS when they connect, what’s their local IP address at the network they are connected locally to.

@robreg I’ve split this as a separate request as the thread you posted on was about showing the players local IP address within a layout.

Hello people,

I also miss knowing Display IP (LAN).
We could include in the grid display in the IP column that information.



was this resolved. Is this possibel that Player will report the last local Ip to CMS whenever connected.

This feature should be addressed immediately.
This would make remote access to the displays possible.

This enhancement has been roadmapped for v4.0, see: