Client's stop downloading layouts


I have a problem that has popped up recently that whenever i schedule or set a default layout to a screen it will not actually download it, if you go in to manage the screen in the red part of the circle it says 1 waiting and it never completes the download (see screenshot).

This problem has been experienced on both android player and windows player … i use 1.8.2 on the windows player and the CMS is a docker install with xibo 1.8.2 installed. I have tried restarting the CMS and the client, also clearing the cache folder of the client but nothing seems to help, i’ve also created new layouts but they suffer from the same problem. And there are no particular error messages occuring (on the windows player i get the “Agent threads/XMR is dead” message but i’ve had that even before when it used to work so i guess that’s another problem with the Windows client?).

I’m lost with what to try to solve the problem, any ideas what the problem could lie in?

Best Regards