Existing Display No longer Completes Layout & Media Downloads

I’ve done quite a bit of digging on this and have found no topics discussing this behavior. The closest I’ve found is this unanswered thread Client’s stop downloading layouts

I have an android display that’s been working fine until approximately the last week or so, which is now failing to complete the ‘layout’ download of layout that have (or have had) an mp4 attached to it. I have not yet been able to due extensive testing if the media type has an impact on behavior beyond that described above.

When a layout with larger sized mp4s (tested between 7MB & 211MB) are scheduled, the Layouts download pane (of the manage display page) continues to show an increasing number for the scheduled layout, beyond that of the size of the layout (currently it reports two hundred thirteen point four two (213.42) KiB downloaded of two point six three (2.63) KiB layout size. Changing to a different layout without video works as expected. Adding videos to that layout cause the behavior described above. In the Media pane of the manage display page, all associated videos are listed as pending download unless the media files are explicitly assigned, in which case they display similar behavior to that of the layout. The Bandwidth statistics represent this behavior as well reporting ~22GB of “Get File” transfer within the last week, which is unreasonable given this is only an 8GB device and the size of the layout content that’s being scheduled. I’ve also confirmed that these layouts work as expected on other displays of the same device model.

Logs and Display Management Details

In the logs, I have been seeing the following error, but I believe this to be unrelated since it was showing up before this problem started occurring. Not sure if it’s pointing to a different issue though since it doesn’t report what device or source IP it’s associated with.
130531 4a60ca1 2017-11-30 21:50 WEB POST ERROR /campaign/layout/assign/55 Player action connection failed. E = Cannot seal message

ID - Name - Size - Complete - Downloaded
95 - 1129Basic - 2.63KiB - - 213.42KiB

ID - Name - Type - File Name - Size - Complete - Downloaded257 - 1125Sports.mp4 - video 257.mp4 - 7.27 MiB - - 79.1 MiB
254 - 1127-1201Activities.mp4 - video - 254.mp4 - 10.36 MiB - - 80.08 MiB256 - 1129-UpComingEvents.mp4 - video - 256.mp4 - 8.8 MiB - - 79.1 MiB
253 - 2017Thanksgiving.mp4 - video - 253.mp4 - 69.66 MiB - - 79.1 MiB`

Any thoughts on other things to try? CMS & Display have been rebooted. Android version is 1.8.102. CMS version is 1.8.2. Storage free is ~80%. Display is Logged in & authorized.

Downloading a file over and over usually indicates that the checksum is failing once the download completes.

That could be because the file is corrupt on the server (something changed it after it was uploaded).

Try uploading the video as a fresh media item and then add that to a layout. Does it play then?

This is only happening on one display though. Adding another display to the same campaign schedule works fine.

I actually received a new error message today for the device, but I havent found any info on it:

Unable to report media inventory: null
ERROR - XMR unresponsive, issue reconfigure

The first one means that when the Player attempted to report its status to the CMS it was unable to. That’s normally connectivity related.

The second line means that XMR didn’t receive its heartbeat messages as expected, and so has restarted the listener to see if that will get message. Again, that’s normally either that you have XMR configured in correctly, or if the connection to the CMS is down.

A screenshot of the Player status screen would be helpful so we can see what’s happening. I’d also advise upgrading to R103 if you aren’t there already.

If you’d prefer not to post a public screenshot, then you should open a case with Spring Signage directly by emailing support@springsignage.com and they will be able to assist you.