Client not loading content after powercut

Hi, we had a powercut last week and our Xibo server and clients were off for a few days.
I’ve just started it back up, and the server seems fine, but the clients are not working. I’m just seeing the default “Welcome to XIBO” page.

The status page on the clients says:
LayoutID: 1 Runs from 01/01/0001 00:00:00
XMR: status: Disconnected, waiting to reconnect. Last activity 01/01/0001 00:00:00

The server side says the client’s authorised, logged in, and shows a recent last-access time. It will also screen shot the client on request.

Can anyone advise on where to start with this? Never seen anything like this before. I’ve searched the forum and only really found issues where people have had problems during setup. This was working fine until the powercut.


Is your server independent of the clients (like separate machines)? The connection information at the top is pointing to localhost and not a remote server by IP or Hostname. Not sure what about the power outage would cause that on a previously configured device. May want to make sure you are logging into the client with the same Windows account as before the power outage since Xibo data is stored in the user account.

Hi, thanks for replying. The screenshot is from a client on the same machine as the server, but I have also have tested with a freshly installed client on another computer, and the same thing is happening. We’ve been using it for months with no problems. It’s the same windows account (it’s a dedicated account for this purpose).
The server interface seems fine, media is present, layouts etc. are ok.

Well, this is weird. It’s fixed itself, I haven’t changed a thing.
Didn’t work all day yesterday, but it’s working this morning. Very strange.

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Getting stranger. It worked in the morning, stopped working some time in the afternoon. I didn’t have time to look at it, so I left it alone. It’s working again this morning. I’m wondering if it will go off again later.