Client MAC address: incorrect format

I try to switch on client from LAN but I notice that some client has incorrect MAC address (without “-”), look below:

I can’t change mac address by editing monitors, how can I do to fix it?


Anyone can help me please? Thanx

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve logged it as a bug here:

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Is there any fix released for this bug yet?


It hasn’t been looked at yet - just logged.

Any progress will be shown on the bug report.

If you only have to install a few displays you could fix this manually.
Look into the database and search for the entry “display”. There you can find all registered displays. The mac adress is an editable entry.

The WOL-command is transmitted without an error message, but I haven’t tested a monitor yet.

Edit: This workaround will be overwritten if you change the ip. Maybe there are also other situations, where the CMS gets a “new” mac adress via the windows client.

Well, I went a ahead and upgrade to 1.7.8. Now the client displays only the Default Display.
anyone out there having the same issue?